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Rubber T-handle latch

Rubber T-handle latches are an excellent locking option for vehicle hoods and enclosures, such as rod and gun boxes, storage hatches, and battery boxes. These latches function by stretching an easy-to-grasp T-shaped rubber handle into a stainless steel keeper. The rubber material provides a weather-proof, semi-flexible and economical hold-down solution that is resistant to vibration on trailers, RVs and boats. 

Dongguan Hanxiang Rubber Products manufactures T-handle latches in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes with either long or short keepers that can be mounted stem up or down. This allows the user to precisely tune the latch to his application and use. Stem-up or slotted stem-down keepers (or hooks) allow integrated rubber knobs to connect with the mounting surface, further damping vibrations.

A longer mounting distance between the anchor bracket at the base of the handle and the keeper increases the pull force required to unlatch the pull. The farther the rubber latch stretches, the greater the force required to unlatch the handle.



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David Huang

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